Weapon's data
NameThe Four Swords
Type Swords
4 powers Light, Darkness, Soul, Creationisme
State Hidden (save)
Roleplay Information
Place of use [ somewere around here]
Genre Fantasy
Type Chat

Strengths and SpecialsEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

each 1 is unbreakable

Special StrengthsEdit

Different per sword



Created by the combined magic of serinety and zebas.

During their battle with Epose, zebas used a Roze Quartz to seal a spell Epose had cast, how ever the spell back fired splitting the roze quartz in four peices each taking the form of a sword. after that Serinety was able to seal the main sword (the sword of life) inside her lunar space. she also placed a gate infront of it that can only be opened by using the other 3 blades.

each sword has full controll over its own element. and it is said that using the fourth sword u can change the world into one of your own liking.

Current statusEdit

Secured (hidden & save)


  • Location:

KSW017 P NWFiredemon

Soul cleaver (soul)

Angel sword

Angel sword (light)

1132691794 zlongsword

Demon sword (dark)

Lontiers longsword

Sword of life (creationisme)