FANDOM Mikos, His Blade (Noct) and his Throne
Weapon Information
Weapon GroupSkylight Blade
StateSynced, unlike his other blades. Allowing him to Wield it.
Roleplay Information
Owner Mikos Kotesukesai
TypeRP, Battle Specific

Appearance Edit

General InformationEdit

  • Color: Blueish Silver
  • Form: Falchion
  • Length: Roughly 3 Feet
  • Weight: Heavy, but light for a Synchro

Details & FeaturesEdit

  • Unlike the other weapons, Noct acts as Mikos' mean weapon. It shares the same qualities however, for more reasons than one Mikos' has found himself comforted to this Skylight Blade.

Attributes and AbilitiesEdit

Standard AttributesEdit

  • Decently moderated Attack Power scaled by it's sized
  • Extremely heavy for crushing blows
  • Light for a Synchro, allowing agile use still retaining it's massive Attack Power

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • In his more common 「PLATINUM」 state he will use this weapon to gain more fathomable abilities
  1. His SPEED will increase greatly
  2. He will be able to PHASE out of existence, and REFORM himself in any desired space, no matter what the circumstance
  3. This blade can OVERPOWER through many different types of TECHNICAL BARRIERS, like suggested above
  4. Using this blade while in 「PLATINUM」 will greatly REDUCE his ATTACK POWER
  5. Along with some of the previous abilities, he is granted the ability 「NIGHT VOID」, where he stores his other weapons... along with many various things.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Like any other Skylight Blade, this blade has no information behind it.

Current status Edit

Unlike other Skylight Blades, this blade does retain it's abilities. This is why he will only use this weapon in combat, unlike the other blades which are not Synced. His Ideal weapon for combat, disregarding his other blades as being near useless, the flexibility and battle potential this blade grants him is very substantial.

Owner and Location Edit

  • Name: Mikos Kotesukesai
  • Location: Unlike other blades, as this blade creates the void, he store it there... but it is still hidden.