NameHan Yajuumaru
Species Human
Sex Male
Age 16
Roleplay Information
Genre Fantasy.
Type Chat.


The BasicsEdit

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  • Hair:Dark black.
  • Eyes:Hazel
  • Build:Athletic, strong.
  • Height:5'10
  • Weight:156.2 lbs


Clothes / ArmorEdit

He wears a dark leather jacket, which is always open with white crosses on the side of it. He also uses his cape alot, but mostly when he is challenging somebody. Black long jeans.


He does not use any weapons, becouse he does not like violence, but what he does use is his mana/furiokuh and his fists.


He has the diary of his brother, which was taken away when he was found dead.


Mean, very cruel, kind.


He likes to annoy other people, and he is very protective over his family.


Fighting, helping.


Humans, even thought he is one now, he is very cruel to them.


Marital StatusEdit

Engaged with his one true love, which he will hold close until he dies. - Mememiaka


Father, sister, sons and daughters.

Skills and WeaknessesEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

He can concentrate all of his energy to one punch/kick which he can do very quickly, using any element. (he has mastered most of them.) He has a very great endurance, which can let him use as much energy as he has, without making him tired before he uses ALL of it.

Skills and EducationEdit

His skills are the three elements he has mastered. Wind, earth, fire. He has left off right after he finished high school, to start a life of his own right away.





His childhood was very dark at first, just as every child's on that village, his father used to teach him how to kill, but everytime he resisted, he got punished by cruel torture, and death, but the death wasn't complete, his father always left him some energy to regenerate from barely breathing. After about twelve years, his father made him kill his mother and then left of to some place which nobody knew. But one day, there was a stranger, which came over almost from nowhere. In time Han got to know him better, as one day, he asked if he could take care of him, as his father. That's how he met his new father, which held him close in hard times and always protected him.


Right after highschool when he started his own life and moved out from the Yajuumaru castle, he bought a house. After a few months of living in the city, he met a beautiful girl, when he got to know her better, he realised that he loves her. Later on he discovered that she feels the same for him too. One night, he proposed to her, while hanging out together with his sister.

Current statusEdit


OOC InformationEdit

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