Vampire Armour by maxarkes
Character Name
Name Denn1s
Species Vampiric shapeshifter
Sex Male
Age varied
Roleplay Information
Genre Fantasy, Science Fiction, Medieval, etc.
Type Chat

Appearance Edit

The Basics Edit

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  • Hair:black
  • Eyes:crimson red
  • Build:heavily muscled
  • Height:10 feet
  • Weight: 244 pounds

The Details / Identifying features Edit

  • long black fangs
  • large black wings

Inventory Edit

Clothes / Armor Edit

  • armored pants
  • armor of the vampire king
  • Dragon hide boots
  • Amulet of protection

Weapons Edit

  • Vampire slayer bone sword,made from the bones of vampire slayers
  • Sword of the elemental master
  • Anything i can pick up and use as a weapon such as trees,rocks,other people,animals,etc...
  • Whatever i can find in the backpack

Extra Edit

  • near bottomless backpack that holds everything and anything needed

Personality Edit

General Edit

Nice, friendly, and slightly insane and doesn't fight much unless provoked or bored enough

Likes Edit

  • Blood
  • sex
  • rock and roll

Dislikes Edit

  • Dieing
  • Vampire hunters
  • Fighting with the wife

Family Edit

Marital Status Edit

  • Happily married to themadhatier83

Members Edit



BROTHERS: zantaclause111, xxpryerxx, foxuzamaki, patrickguy2,Zabuzazminion,baby0tobi,ultimaseraphim

SISTERS: cherryblossom, inuyashagrl500, sapphiryeon,orihimegurl21,rikkuluna,jenuchiha,vampgirl50064,sasukefangir1007,Mollymarie2,Inuyasha1fan

Children:Isabelle,Dennis jr.,Alex,Christina,Jess,Smexytash,xoxanimefanxox,Bonez,Meme,Skattergurl,Morgancutie,Darkangel1113,Ranma9,serfgirl

Grandfather to:Blackwolf14

Uncle to: Kidrikku and chii4541

Skills and Weaknesses Edit

Physical Strengths Edit

  • Vampire strength
  • Can shift into whatever shape is needed
  • Near impossiblw to kill and keep from coming back

Skills and Education Edit

  • Trained to command all 5 elements in times of war as well as peace
  • Master of fire,water,earth,air,and void
  • Able to heal minor and moderate injuries

Weaknesses Edit

  • Doesnt like to fight women
  • Being a guy

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Unknown,cant remember


Served as a guard and pet dragon for years until he met the woman of his dreams

Current status Edit

Happily married and retired from his service as a guard and only fights to protect his family and friends,is freaking rich after finding a couple diamond mines and gold earned for slaying dragons as well as thier hoards

OOC Information Edit

  • Name:Dennis Allen
  • Roleplay Wiki Name: Denn1s
  • E-mail:(private)
  • Instant