Weapon Information
NameBlades of the Night Sky
TypeSwords & Projectiles
ElementNone (In General)
StateCurrently Unsynced to their user, but can still be used as projectiles.
Roleplay Information
Owner Mikos Kotesukesai
TypeRP, Battle Specific

Appearance Edit

General InformationEdit

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  • Color: Blueish Silver
  • Form: Mainly in the form of Swords, Daggers Lances, ETC
  • Length: Varied per Weapon
  • Weight: Varied per Weapon, All of which are easy to carry.

Details & FeaturesEdit

  • Each weapon has a different form each with unique abilities allowing Mikos an adept amount of flexibility in combat. They are all made of the same material, like any highly powered and/or modified weapon, they are indestructible.

Attributes and AbilitiesEdit

Standard AttributesEdit

  • Even as they are all in different weights and sizes, Mikos can use each weapon with the same level of mastery.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Each sword has one ability, and they are not elemental based, but neither are they just weapons.
  • All of his weapons have the ability to rotate around him creating a barrier whilst in AUTUMN, allow him full immunity to any melee attack.


  • At the cost of disallowing an opponent to get into melee range of him, he as well cannot do the same with the opponent, where as his barrier would simply cancel out eachothers Melee and turn the fight into a ranged projectile fight.
  • Like any barrier, if you remove the barrier, you can still be attacked by Melee... if he launches a barrage...

History Edit

Creation Edit

No information on these weapons origins are known at the time

Current status Edit

Unlike before, when he was many more times and his abilities weren't far to complex, he no longer can wield his blades, as he will only use them as projectiles. Losing their melee ability has indubitally made them a last resort in order to lengthen a fight. Unlike most of Mikos' Arsenal, these are probably the weakest and are rarely useful in any situation.

Owner and LocationEdit