Family's data
NameBlack claw clan
Type Multiple types
Members 25-50
State A-OK
Roleplay Information
Home [secret]
Genre combat, romance, life, and many more
Type Chat

main infoEdit

The BasicsEdit

Its a lifely group of people and is part of the kingdom of terragaurd role play chat,

The Details / Identifying featuresEdit

They life for peace of the kingdom of terragaurd and only fight to protect it or train


Group 1 (Princesses protection force {PPF})Edit

Group 2 (Water Warriors)Edit

Group 3 (Sunthief crew)Edit

  • Leader Solar
  • Co-leader Raider
  • Freedom

None grouped (Hunters, Gaurdians, Wanderers)Edit

  • Aria di Astraea
  • Zebas
  • Ledah
  • AngelicLoverGirl
  • OkamiwolfAmaterasu
  • GrimoireAlazif
  • Centaur
  • Weirdgall
  • Fireflame
  • Furryneko
  • Deathknight
  • Skelly
  • Icebird
  • trickels


Basic historyEdit

Created by Serinety, Mexatirl, Zebas & AngelicLoverGirl

Fighting historyEdit

Killed off the following clans

  • Redreaps
  • Shadowbusters